1 Theme 1 – The book in the digital context

Liam Borgstrom (ed.) and Liam Borgstrom


An introduction to the current state of digital publishing, providing students the opportunity to develop an understanding of how and why certain technologies have been adopted within the different fields of the publishing industry. The impact of digital technologies on the book publishing industry is discussed, with the eye on identifying the various influences that affect the way print publications are produced. The creation of digital publications as either substitute or supplement to print publications is also discussed. Furthermore, the student will be introduced to various digital file formats and the most typical digital publications currently available on the Web.


  • Discuss how and why certain digital technologies have been adopted within the various publishing fields
  • Discuss the impact of the digital revolution on print publications
  • Describe how journals/scholarly articles are published digitally
  • Describe how magazines, newspapers and newsletters are published digitally
  • Discuss how the book publishing industry utilises digital methods
  • Define important terms such as the e-book, RSS, PDF and XML
  • Discuss the influence of digital technology on media consumption
  • Discuss the integration of print and electronic formats


Publishing in the Digital Environment Copyright © 2013 by Liam Borgstrom (ed.) and Liam Borgstrom. All Rights Reserved.