10 Theme 2 – Ebooks in business and practice

Kosie Eloff

Chapter 2 – Ebooks in business and practice


The main focus of this theme is for you to become familiar with the creation, management and distribution of electronic books.  This implies a knowledge of e-book devices (such as Amazon’s Kindle), e-book software (such as Calibre) and e-book formats (such as .epub and .mobi). You will also explore the business of e-books, both globally and internationally. Finally, you will be exposed to the technologies and future trends that play a role in e-book reader production and usage.


By the end of this theme, you should be able to:

  • Create an e-book in any of the well-established e-book authoring environments
  • Demonstrate knowledge of e-book devices and software
  • Demonstrate knowledge of e-books in business and industry
  • Demonstrate knowledge of technologies related to e-books, e-book reading devices and delivery platforms.


  • A history of electronic books
  • Ebook hardware and software (ereaders, media tablets, mobile applications)
  • Ebook file formats
  • Ebooks in business – notable industry organisations




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