This theme aims to foster in students an appreciation and understanding of mark-up languages as an important part of digital publishing. Because of the importance of mark-up languages in digital publishing, this theme also introduces hypertext markup language (HTML), cascading stylesheets (CSS) and  extensible mark-up language (XML), an important standard for managing digital copy. Finally, students are familiarized with the electronic publication structure (EPUB), which they will use as a guideline to producing their own ebook.


After completing these workshops, you should be able to:

  • Describe mark-up languages in general and justify their role in digital publishing
  • Describe XML, HTML and CSS; and justify their roles in digital publishing
  • Mark up basic documents in XML, HTML and CSS
  • Describe a Document Type Definition (DTD)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the International Digital Publishing Forum and its premise
  • Describe EPUB, Kindle and PDF formats
  • Become familiar with ebook conversion and create an ebook using the EPUB framework

Please see ClickUP for all practical instructions.



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