18 Reading and references for business

Liam Borgstrom (ed.)

Prescribed reading

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Optional reading

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The section near the end on library loaning is worth taking a look at.

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Web sites you should explore

BookLending.com. 2012. ‘Home Page’.

Collca. 2012. ‘Welcome to Collca’.

The Creative Commons

Davis, P. 2012. ‘Publish or perish culture promotes scientific narcissism’. The Scholarly Kitchen. Posted 7 May

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A site dedicated to local developments children’s literature 

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Colbow, B. 2010. ‘Why DRM doesn’t work’. The Brads. Posted 1 March.

HarperCollins. 2012. The Road Dogs video trailer competition.

Social Media Revolution.

Where good ideas come from.

Some good video trailers

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. Seth Graham-Smith. Grand-Central Publishing

13 Words. Lemony Snicket. HarperCollins


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