Contact information – lecturers and tutors

Liam Borgstrom (ed.)

Contact information

Liam Borgstrom
IT 6-40 (012) 420-2246

Samantha Buitendach
IT 6-33 (012) 420-4360

Email and social media

It is easier to answer simple questions through email. Don’t hesitate to contact us or your tutors if you need help.

Student’s have found it useful in the past to make use of social media to assist each other in their studies and it is suggested to make use of a forum (such as a Facebook group) in order to discuss any difficulties you are having with assignments or to discuss issues raised in class. This is a suggestion for you and will not be monitored by the lecturers.

Consulting hours

Consultation is best arranged by formal appointment. Our consultation hours are listed are listed on the contact board at the door to the department. Outside of said hours, send an email to the appropriate lecturer with your message and student number.

Tutors will be available to assist you during practical workshops.

Location of the notice boards

The notice boards are on level 6 of the IT Building. Important messages will also be posted on the ClickUp bulletin board. Final marks and exam marks are published by the EBIT Faculty administration, and are available on the EBIT notice boards under Engineering Building I.


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