General matters


Any absence from lectures, other scheduled activities, the module test or the exam should be explained by an official and legitimate statement (e.g. a medical certificate) and should be handed in within three days of the activity, test or exam. A special semester test can be scheduled for all the legitimate absentees. Proof of absence from an exam should be handed in directly to the EBIT Faculty administration and not to the lecturers.


Academic dishonesty is a very serious offence. Plagiarism (i.e. to present the intellectual property of another person as your own by not acknowledging the original author) is regarded as academic dishonesty. Should you commit plagiarism, you will score zero for the relevant assignment and may even face a disciplinary hearing.

It is your responsibility to find and fill in the plagiarism disclaimer form and to attach it to each assignment. The form is available on the library’s plagiarism information page. In the case of assignments that are submitted digitally, it is still your responsibility to include it with the assignment’s files.

Late assignments

Time for assessment is scheduled and there is rarely other time available to assess late assignments. One of the outcomes of this module is to be able to keep to deadlines. This is also a very important skill in the publishing industry itself.  That being said, we want you to do the assignments! If you fall behind with practical work, you can still catch up, but will be penalized according to the lateness of the assignment.


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