This course is for students of publishing, and students book publishing in particular, who wish to learn about publishing in the digital environment. The course also develops in students the necessary e-production skills for designing, creating and distributing ebooks and other digital publications. Since this textbook accompanies a course presented at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, there is a strong focus on the South African market, particularly in themes 3 and 4.

The book’s distinct themes are:

  1. The book in the digital context
  2. Ebooks in business and practice
  3. South African initiatives in electronic publishing
  4. Ebooks in traditional and commercial ventures
  5. Digital publishing workflow

In this book, we ask questions about publishing in the digital environment such as:

What’s the We compare the differences between paper-based and digital texts?
What kind of publication formats (e.g. file formats such as PDF or web-first workflows)?
How does the digital environment influence traditional publication processes [1]?

The reader of this guide should have a broad understanding of the book publishing process, trends impacting on the industry and developments in the various sub-sectors of the book publishing industry.

Once you’re done with this book, you will be able to:

  1. Justify the need for publishers to adopt digital technologies in the publishing process
  2. Write about and discuss the important technologies used in digital publishing
  3. Explain how digital technologies influence contemporary publishing models
  4. Know how to address accessibility concerns that are unique to digital publishing

  1. Focusing on understanding the nature and management of the e-publishing environment and digital publishing technologies such as HTML, CSS, XML and PDF


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