Liam Borgstrom (ed.)

Learning activities

Pre-examination learning activities consist of:

  • Lecture periods (3hrs per week)
  • Practical workshops (3hrs per week)
  • One semester test
  • 5 practical assignments
  • Self-based learning
  • 1 Module Project
See the meeting schedule for class times and the assessment section for details on tests and examinations.

Contact time and learning hours

It is assumed that, as an undergraduate student, you are able to attend all lectures. If you have a part-time or full-time job, we cannot make exceptions for you.
Lectures are presented in a style of co-operative and student-centred learning:

  • Brief clarification and explanation of the subject matter and concepts are given during the lectures.
  • Then problems related to the subject matter are posed and you are expected to attempt the problems individually or in groups during class discussions.
Take notes during lectures, but also use the time to concentrate on the lecture and actively participate in discussions. Prepare for each lecture by reading the sources beforehand.
PUB 310 is not presented as a correspondence module. You will only be able to excel if you attend all the lectures. Attendance, active participation in discussions and (potentially) unannounced class tests will be evaluated, and count towards your module mark.


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